owl of wisdom made of quotations on wisdom on a ladies flowy dolman sleeve t-shirt by Think Positive Apparel

Quotations on Wisdom!

dancing tree design made of affirmations with dancer in tree trunk doing a yoga dancers pose or an arabesque in ballet

Do you see the dancer in the tree?

Great Wave

Ying Yang Sunset Sunrise

Elephant Warrior Three Yoga Pose

Made of affirmations relevant to the symbolism of an elephant!

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All Think Positive Apparel designs are made from tiny, positive words: affirmations and quotations. Look closer to see the right words for you for you!

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KNOW WHAT'S POSSIBLE... Think Positive Apparel merges fashion and positivity by using tiny, positive words to make up our designs. Our goal is to support you in remembering that you have everything you need to make all your dreams a reality.

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