Our Wise Owl Design screen printed on a woman's Flowy Doleman Draped Sleeve T-shirt in Charcoal Grey

Our Wise Owl Design screen printed on a woman’s Flowy Doleman Draped Sleeve T-shirt in Charcoal Grey

Q: Can I actually read the words in the designs?
A: Yes! If you can read a 9pt font you can read the tiniest font size we screen print with. There are a few exceptions to this for our children’s clothes because the designs are sometimes shrunk to fit those sizes.

Q: Are the words all positive?
A: Yes! All of the words are made of affirmations (that you have been before and can be again as needed!) or quotations (from various leaders, artists, and philosophers). The affirmations are selected based on the positive usefulness that seems latent in the attitudes when they are applied at the right times. The quotations fit within our positive philosophy (which you can learn more about by checking out our blog). While some of the words within the quotations could be taken out of context, when viewed within the context of the full quote they support a positive vibration!

Q: What’s the deal with all the affirmations?
A: We believe that you, and everyone else, has been all of the attitudes on all of our designs before and can be them all again. Life is about the right attitude in the right moment. When you have that, you have your skeleton key to unlock any of the doors of possibility!

Q: Will wearing Think Positive Apparel make me more positive or happier?
A: Happiness comes from within. Positivity is recognizing that you are capable of achieving a desirable outcome in a given situation. Our designs are meant to add more awareness to what we are all truly capable of achieving and being. So if you take the time to read and think about the words you see within our designs, yes you can increase your happiness and positivity with our art as a spring board. Some people would say that there are metaphysical vibrations behind all of the words that add a benefit regardless of consciously reading the words… I don’t know if the science is there to guarantee that is real, but if you think it is true and effective then, yes, our shirts are full of positive words that would fit that philosophy of vibrating positively up against your skin!

Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: Yes! You can order any of our designs on virtually any shirt we can get a hold of. Just contact us through our website and we can go over how it all works. The cost is based on whatever shirt you want. Fulfillment can take up to four weeks so please plan ahead if it is a gift or for a special occasion.