Sea Turtle Design Made of Affirmations About Its Symbolism

Turtle design screen printed on a ladies flowy racerback tank top Our Sea Turtle design is made completely out of tiny, positive affirmations relevant to turtle symbolism! Here are some of the most prominent themes associated with sea turtles and turtles in general that we included in this design: PROTECTION A turtle’s most prominent and[…]

Lion Design made from Quotations on Courage

Our Lion of Courage is made out of quotations on courage and we screen print it on great shirts like this men’s crew neck in green. This Think Positive Apparel Lion design is made entirely out of quotations on courage from various leaders, heroes, and artists. You can purchase this design on a men’s or[…]

Lotus Flower Design Quotations – Lotus Flower Meaning

Think Positive Apparel’s Lotus Flower Design Made of quotations and affirmations about the meaning of the lotus flower. Think Positive Apparel’s Lotus Flower design is made entirely out of quotations and affirmations relevant to the lotus flower meaning. The lotus flowers’ symbolisms include beauty, purity, discipline, growing towards enlightenment, and breaking through false barriers. Their[…]

Hashtag Yoga Design

Our “Hashtag Yoga” design is made entirely out of “I am”, “You are”, and “We are” affirmations relevant to yoga.On many social media platforms, hashtags turn words and phrases into searchable tags. Hashtags bind conversations on the internet together just like how yoga binds the breath and movement together. In fact, the entire world wide[…]

Quotations about wisdom within our Wise Owl design

The wise owl design is made entirely of quotations about wisdom from various leaders, artists, and philosophers by Think Positive Apparel. Here are all of the wisdom quotations that create our Wise Owl design! They basically all bowl down to the concept that we don’t know much and that’s ok! There is always more to[…]