• Blue Whale

      Made out of “I am”, “You are”, and “We are” affirmations that represent the symbolism of a blue whale.


    • Buddha

      This Buddha blast is made out of Buddha quotations.


    • Dancing Tree

      Made out of positive “I am”, “you are”, and “we are” affirmations. Can you see the dancer in the tree?


    • Earth

      Made out of positive “I am”, “you are”, and “we are” affirmations that circle around the design representing connection.


    • Elephant Warrior 3 Pose

      An elephant doing a warrior 3 pose made of positive “I am” affirmations relevant to the symbolism of an elephant.


    • Enso

      The Zen Enso circle represents mindfulness and is made entirely out of quotations about zen philosophies.


    • Great Wave Yin Yang Sunset Sunrise

      The Great Wave curls against the rising or setting sun making a Yin Yang symbol. There is a bit of the sky in the wave and the wave in the sky since both are made of tiny, positive affirmations.


    • Hamsa

      The downward facing Hamsa is made out of quotations about receiving good luck and attracting positivity in your life.


    • Hashtag Yoga

      Just as yoga binds our movements to our breath, hashtags bind individual statements to larger conversations. This #Yoga design is made entirely from affirmations relevant to yoga that everyone has been before and can be again!


    • Lotus Flower

      Our Lotus Flower design is made from quotations and affirmations about its significance and symbolism. Over the millennia humans have looked to the lotus flower as a symbol of beauty, purity, discipline, growing towards enlightenment, and breaking through false barriers.


    • Love

      Made out of quotations on love from various artists, leaders, and philosophers.


    • Wise Owl

      Made of quotations on wisdom from various leaders and artists.


    • Peace

      Made entirely out of quotations on peace from different leaders and artist.


    • Peacock

      Our Peacock design is built from positive “I am”, “you are”, and “we are” affirmations relevant to the symbolism of a peacock.


    • Yoga Tree Pose

      Tree pose merging with a lotus flower made entirely of “I am”, “you are”, and “we are” affirmations.


    • Yoga Warrior 2

      This yoga silhouette is made out of “I am” affirmations.


    • California

      Made of quotations by different artists, scientists, leaders, and philosophers born in California.


    • Big Heart

      Made out of quotations about heart… having heart, trusting your heart, giving it all your heart, and so forth…


    • Bird

      Made out of “I am” affirmations that represent the freedom you get from a positive mindset.