Positivity in Motion: Independence Day

George Washington made out of the Declaration of Independence The George Washington in this design is made entirely out of the Declaration of Independence.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

If all people are equal, then what really separates us? Only the illusions of the ego.

Well, this 4th of July while you are celebrating your independence from the rule of a king, consider also celebrating your independence from the EGO! 

The ego is a tyrant of a leader who will twist your flow of thoughts towards its own selfish aims. When we are operating from our ego we are playing out a role that may serve us on some level but remember, the ego is not we we are. We are not our ego.

The ego’s goals may overlap your own at times, just as seemingly King George’s interests were tied to the success of the American colonies; however, the moment there is a divide, just like a King, the ego will push for their own interests over yours!

We the people, not the ego of the people, are the rightful decision makers. Put the ego in its place: a useful trading partner that should be negotiated with on level ground.

Declare your independence!

Celebrate your freedom of expression devoid of the ego’s censorship! Follow your intuition free from concern of what other might think. Immerse yourself in the flow of creation.

Revolt against the unjust and heavy handed rule of the ego where self doubt and self judgement  slap us down like a heavy hand of tyranny. Negative self thinking is a plague in our mind! We must treat ourselves fairly, justly, and nurture happiness!

No longer shall we let the ego plunder our greatest resources: our humility so we may always be open to learning and our will to persevere so we may get up more than we fall down. That is how Georg Washington rolled. 

The key to freedom is maximizing options. Living under the thumb of our ego or a King limit our ability to make decisions for ourselves.

The foundation of the American Revolution is grounded in the notion that all humans are equal with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… The first steps to realizing these truths are down the path of awareness. Ignorance is the surest way to give away your rightful freedom. 

If we govern our mind as a just ruler, then we shall find our inner peace. So be listen to your constituents! They reside between your thoughts!

Have a happy Independence Day! May we live free every day! 


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