San Diego Comic-Con 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 was a blast! We had so much fun seeing all the amazing cos-play costumes and comic book/fantasy/sci fi memorabilia.

Positivity is a must when fighting super villains. A heroes greatest asset is their mind. Believing in themselves, controlling their thoughts, persevering through adversity… these are the traits of true positive thinkers!

Check out these photos from our adventure through the exhibit hall at San Diego Comic-Con 2015!

There is something about superheroes and the concept of superpowers that has always captivated humanity. You can pretty much look at any culture at any point in human history and find stories of extraordinary heroes over coming extraordinary odds to defeat extraordinary evil. The journey this hero undergoes is also very repetitive in a broad sense throughout all these different cultures and time. Likewise the techniques for success these heroes use are also very similar.

It doesn’t really matter what type of power the hero has. Something has to happen internally to match the external abilities otherwise the hero gets nowhere. These heroes throughout all human culture and time represent the best versions of ourselves. All flawed in their own way, all given certain abilities that make us a little unique, all capable of overcoming any evil in our own worlds.

We are the superheroes. Technology is our superpower. With it we can fly. We can move super fast. We can blast through mountains. We can terraform the earth to create new land masses to live on. But all of it is only useful if we overcome and learn from the “evil” in our own minds! This evil is ignorance. Ignorance is the enemy. Awareness is our goal. It is through positive thinking, mindfulness, awareness that the we can use our superpowers most effectively and save the world! So get out there and do something huge by getting in there (your own mind) through breathing exercises and meditation!

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