golden ratio – GOLD FOIL INK-women’s flowy side slit tank – black




Our Golden Ratio design is made completely out of quotations about the connection between math and nature. The tiny words work together to create the Golden Spiral and the Golden Rectangles. The rate of growth of the curve of the Golden Spiral and the proportions of each Golden Rectangle are equal to the Golden Ratio (also known as Phi and represented by the Greek symbol Φ).

Here’s an example of a quote used within the design:

“Phi can be found throughout the universe; from the spirals of galaxies to the spiral of a Nautilus seashell; from the harmony of music to the beauty in art.” ~Bruce Rawles

Read all of the quotations in this design and learn more about the Golden Ratio, Golden Rectangle, and Golden Spiral by checking out this:

Golden Ratio Quotations

Printed with GOLD FOIL INK!!! It shimmers and shines brilliantly. But it is more delicate than our typical printing. So HAND WASH and HANG DRY.

Poly viscose 65/35, 30 single, 3.7 ounce fabric. Relaxed, drapey fit. Side-seamed. Side slit.

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