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What Does It Mean To Be Grounded?

The following video explains what it means to be grounded: When we are grounded, we are centered and clear. From this place we are in control of our actions and not a prisoner to our reactions. Being grounded means that we are present, in the moment, and just being. It is from this place that[…]

How to be Happy: Experience Thoughts and Feelings Fully

NPR’s story entitled “Rethinking Tinnitus: When the Ringing Won’t Stop, Clear Your Mind” explains that the old strategy of eliminating the constant ringing people with Tinnitus are plagued with is being rethought. New research from the University of San Francisco suggests that rather than “not thinking” about the pain caused by tinnitus, practicing mindfulness of[…]

What does it mean to be grounded?

When you are grounded you are fully present, your mind is still, and you are completely focused. It is from this place of being grounded that we operate most effectively and therefore are optimized for success in any endeavor. To be grounded is to experience a state of peaceful awareness from where one is most[…]