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Earth Day Positivity

I love the planet. This Earth Day may we all commit to believing that there is a way to live in harmony with the planet so that we may sustain conditions that are favorable of comfortable human life. Let us not be immobilized by concern for the how or what that specifically looks like. Let[…]

The Right Step – Keep Going!

After stubbing my toe during a trail run on the Circumference Trail at Squaw Peak in Phoenix, I noticed that I started getting angry, going victim, and focusing on one wrong step I took… After literally 10,000+ correct steps, it was with this one wrong step that consumed my mind. This video explores this phenomenon[…]

You Are an Entrepreneur of Life!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill Whether you work for someone else or run your own company, you are an entrepreneur. I’m not talking about your professional life. I’m talking about the company of YOU. Erin Schurenberg from inc.com wrote a fantastic article[…]

Promote World Peace with SMART Goal Setting

Create SMART goals! Our third ingredient for world peace is responsibility. It is easy to use a victim mentality to explain why I do not have the things we want in life. When operating in the victim mentality, circumstances happen to me rather than me happening to the circumstances. When I go “victim to circumstances”[…]

An Interview with the owners of SuTRA Midtown Yoga – Matthew & Rebecca Fritz

Think Positive Apparel sat down with the owners of Phoenix’s own SuTRA Midtown Yoga, Matthew and Rebecca Fritz, to learn about their yoga/massage/juice bar and to discuss their philosophies on yoga and life! Matt and Rebecca are an amazing couple so it is not surprising that their yoga studio is so amazing as well. Visit[…]