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The Basics of Deep Breathing Techniques

The key to a truly deep breath is breathing from the diaphragm. As the breath slows down the mind will slow down. As the mind slows down we reduce stress and increase our mental focus. How often during your day or your life are you taking a truly deep breath?

The Difference Between Meditation and Visualization

Many people use the words meditation and visualization interchangeably. They are actually two very distinct exercises. Watch this video to learn what is the difference between meditation and visualization. What are your experiences with meditation and visualization? Which do you find to be more effective?

The Basics of Meditation

Techniques for getting started with your mediation practice presented by Taylor Lapidus. Learn some of the simple “how-to’s” of effective meditation and visualization. These are very basic and yet, like most basics, also very important in creating a strong foundation to build from and support more complicated structures. So, if you want to learn how[…]